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The SwingLine Story

The owners of Paxton’s Grill and Ramsey’s Trailside in Historic Loveland have long wanted to create a similar gathering place in the heart of Madeira. After many years of looking for the perfect location, and along with a number of friends, they are proud to now offer SwingLine, a family-friendly establishment for all to enjoy.
In the early 20th century, an electric railway went from Norwood, through Madeira and Indian Hill and on to Hillsboro. It was officially called the Cincinnati and Columbus Traction Company, but was referred to as the Green Line by some (for the color of the cars) and more often as the Swing Line, in honor of the line’s owners – the Swing Family. When the Swing Line opened in 1906, downtown Madeira played a substantial role in its daily operations with the main electric substation being located just a few buildings down Miami from the SwingLine restaurant. The Swing Line brought electricity to Madeira and when the last car of the day completed its trip, the lights went out all over Madeira.
From downtown Madeira, the line ran behind the elementary school and stopped at the Ramona Station, which is now the location of the Indian Hill administration building, then ran through Red Bird Hollow on the way to crossing the Little Miami River into Milford and beyond. Some remains of the abutments that supported the line are still visible throughout Madeira and along the Red Bird Hollow path.
The Swing Line closed in 1919, and just over one hundred years later, we welcome you to SwingLine. We are proud to restore a piece of the areas history in the heart of Madeira.


 Thank you for joining us and welcome to SwingLine



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